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44, 1021, 1227. Empty 44, 1021, 1227.

Post by faultlines on Wed 01 Oct 2008, 5:47 pm

I'm sorry I missed your show
I should've been there to see you choke
I'm sorry I forgot to clap
I was busy making a paper plane out of our memories
(Excuses, excuses!)
Yeah, I'm making things up
But it's better than catching your disease
So much better than being with you

People change
Don't deny, we all do
(You've got nothing to be ashamed about)
I changed and so have you
Progression from mad glances
More volume than muted murmurs
He makes more sense than you did in your graduation speech
He isn't my creation; he's real this time.

You will be the death of me
(Not that I mind, dear; you're actually doing my a favor)
Because when I die, I'll finally know where he hides
And then he will know my name
And we he and I not me and you will smile
And you won't be at the scene at all
It's true when they say, "Never means forever."
And then we'll get these teen hearts beating faster, faster.

checked. phanta.
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44, 1021, 1227. Empty Re: 44, 1021, 1227.

Post by Havok. on Mon 06 Oct 2008, 4:19 am

I love it =] And the random lyrics LMFAOOO
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