(c) I'm Not Sorry. [PG]

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(c) I'm Not Sorry. [PG]

Post by Andrew Morrison. on Mon 06 Oct 2008, 10:53 am

Title: I'm Not Sorry.
Rating: PG-13.
Author: Francesca, me.
Status: Oneshot.
Warnings:[b/] Someone dies.
Andy and Rhiannon have killed one of their teachers for an unknow reason. This is a one shot of the happenings after the event.


“It shouldn’t have gone this far, it shouldn’t have happened,” a distraught Rhiannon whispered. She sat at her school desk in the empty classroom, it was getting dark outside, and it was getting late. She shouldn’t be at school at this time of day.

The lights in the class glared against her pale skin making it luminous. Her dark red hair hung in front of her face. Rhiannon looked across the room towards the door.

A boy of about 17 years of age sat on the floor, his skinny body in a curled up position, his arms hugging his knees. He was leaning against the door placing his head back against the hard wood. He stared at the ceiling.

Rhiannon’s eyes looked over to the front of the classroom where a big desk stood, she could see the dark red, almost black pool of blood from behind it. The body wasn’t visible, but she knew it was there. She could smell the blood that had earlier been pouring from the open wounds on the teacher.

“Andy,” she whispered, her eyes pleading. Holding on to her arm, she walked over to where the boy named Andy sat.

Andy didn’t say a word, his eyes still staring. Rhiannon grabbed hold of his hand, he obeyed. She held on to him like he was a doll, unresponsive.

“What in gods name possessed you to do that?” Rhiannon asked. The tears started to flow down her face, the make-up running down her cheeks.

A few words came out of Andy’s mouth, “I don’t know,” he said. I could see through my blurred vision that he was crying too.

“I can’t handle this, we’ve been here four and a half hours!” Rhiannon exclaimed, standing up. Her black school skirt was ripped at one side, her white shirt splattered with dirt and a bloody substance. She paced up and down the classroom, peering outside the windows, murmuring words that were hard to identify. She avoided looking towards the body.

“We have to go,” she said, stopping to look at the door.

Andy stood up, and let Rhiannon go through the door before him. He peered in to the class for one last time before he shut the door, turning to look at Rhiannon he wiped his eyes. “I’m not sorry,” he said.

“I know that,” she said softly, reaching for Andy’s hand.

Rhiannon pulled him in and reached up to kiss him, she could taste blood on his lips. He pulled away, a smile on his face. The first one that she had seen that day.

“Time to go,” he said. They looked around, both doors at each end of the corridor looked locked but with one hard shove it opened.

The night was cool, it was completely dark now. There were very few stars in the sky and the moon was hiding behind clouds. A few trees moved with the light wind.

The boy and girl were still standing on the step. Hand in hand they ran across the field, to where a bundle of bushes sat.

“I put them at the back,” Rhiannon said as Andy dived in to the green leaves. He emerged after a few seconds with two small duffel bags. Rhiannon grabbed one and opened it up, reaching inside for a fresh pair of clothes. Andy did the same. They got changed quickly and placed the blood stained, ripped clothes in to their bags.

“I’m still not sorry,” Andy said as they walked over to the bus stop.

“I know that,” Rhiannon replied. Andy put his arm around her shoulders as they waited for the bus.

The jumped on, unsure where they were going. Not really caring where they ended up. They were going to have a new life now.

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