(c) How Did The U.k's Population Go Down From 60 Million People To Just 2 People?

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(c) How Did The U.k's Population Go Down From 60 Million People To Just 2 People?

Post by Mindless Lauren on Sat 11 Oct 2008, 10:08 pm

Kat’s point of view

I looked at her as we walked further into that wood; Amy refused to admit she was lost. Even I knew we were lost and I proudly admit it even though I by now after living around here for 20 years should know my way around. A hoot of an owl broke the momentary silence of the woods. Sometimes if you listened deeply on some nights you can hear each and every individual animals cry in the silent night’s sky.

One fact about me and Amy is we love the sky no matter what even the night sky to us is beautiful. The sky in the day with each of its clouds, each varying in colour and size. It reminds me of society only there's prejudice in our society. I bet the clouds don’t get picked on. Then again they’re not really living things. Some people say clouds are bad things since recently they’ve brought acid rain. That to me is a load of crap. The clouds never asked for the sky to be polluted by us so in the end they’d have no choice but to carry acid rain.

No-one complains about the glaciers that have been around recently. Then again there's really no-one to complain but me and Amy. You see a few years ago the last of the people who used to live in this now frozen wasteland were rescued by helicopter. Myself and Amy had hidden together refusing to be rescued this place had way to much sentimental value or us.

The trees which had gnarled bark on their trunks looked like they had faces as they loomed on us. Amy grabbed my wrist most likely in a blind panic. She had no idea what affect that had on me. It was almost like she was probably the only one I’d want to spend tie with. No she is the only one I want to spend time with.

I’ve loved Amy for a while. I remember when I first met her like it was yesterday when in fact it was 4 years ago at a party. There was killer queen playing in the background and everyone was dancing and drinking and talking. The noise was actually starting to give me a headache then the mixed crowds conversations were like a swarm of angry bees buzzing around in my head. Then I noticed some beautiful girl in a corner just scanning the crowd with deep blue eyes. She hadn’t looked to impressed almost bored by the atmosphere.

I smiled as Amy pulled me closer to her after screaming right next to my ear. If I’d been in the sarcastic mood I’d have said something about her almost bursting my eardrum. Even I right now however was scared. I hadn’t realized I was trembling until Amy had grabbed me like that.

“Ok what’s wrong Amy?” I asked peering at her through the darkness. Even in the moonlight she still looked pretty good.

“Stupid bats flying in my face,” I felt her shudder against me as she spoke.

“That must have been a pretty bold bat, they don’t usually do that,” I stated.

“Well this one did,” she hissed.

I shrugged and continued walking my hands thrust deep in my pockets by now from the bitter cold that rasped against my lungs. Making it harder for me to breathe. A twig snapped under my feet causing me for some reason to flinch.

“Kat are you sure you’re ok?” Amy’s icy breath hit my cheek as she spoke.

“Yeah fine,” I replied. I watched my white cloud of smoke due to the cold appear from my mouth fade away.

“You sure there seems to be something bothering you,” she stated.

I didn’t answer as if she wasn’t there. I don’t know why I did it but I did. I can’t help the way I feel about her. Perhaps if we’d accepted the help from the helicopters things would be different. Then again it could have been had we accepted the help we wouldn’t even know each other now since we’d probably forget about each other. I’m grateful we agreed on refusing the help now actually.

Although I keep hearing loud banging and sliding, it isn’t man coming back to help us. Or even man coming back to inhabit this place. It was the glaciers progressing over the hills. Man couldn’t even cut through this ice with the tools science gave them. They couldn’t even blow it up either. It was like this ice was determined to reclaim its territory and was at war with man. It had now won its battle.

Everyone said this would never happen. Hull would never be surrounded by a sheet of thick resistant ice. Well this before us is living proof that the ice is here and its going to stay. Possibly for good.

There are advantages to living like this though; you can get food and other life’s necessities for nothing. Although it’s no good until it’s thawed out. The big disadvantage being it takes hours of slipping and sliding to get to one place. Myself and Amy at least one week visited the same house to use the radio to see if we could hear any news from men abroad. I still don’t understand how the UK’s population went from 60million to a mere 2 in such a short time but it has.

“Kat,” Amy gave my shoulder a firm shake breaking my trail of thought.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Tell me what’s wrong, I know something is no use in lying,” she said. I sighed knowing I’d have to confess.

“Amy I,” I began. I however hesitated since I didn’t know how to word it.

“You what? Spit it out Kat,” she said frustration was clear in her voice.

It was at this point I could resist my urge no longer. I just leaned in and latched my lips to her. It felt so good, especially since there was no-one here to judge. No-one here to stop us either. I could have kissed her forever however she pulled away.
“I’m sorry Amy I couldn’t resist, its just I,” I protested. She silenced me but pressing a finger to my lips.

“Don’t worry I understand,” she said. She then without me realizing at first latched her lips back onto mine, more passionately this time. I wrapped my arms around her neck as I allowed her the access of her tongue into my mouth. I smiled knowing I finally had my answer to the question I’d had for so many years.

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