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(c) But For The First Time (PG)

Post by the takedown. on Tue 09 Sep 2008, 5:06 pm

I Feel Love

Take this heart..

And make it break.

Bono dropped the microphone, staring out over the stadium. The sounds of fans screamed back, shouting his name as loud as they could. It’s like they had competitions to see who could shout his name louder. This amused him for a short while, but really, he loved staring out at them, they made him feel loved. He stood here, he belted out his voice for them, for every single one of them, no matter if they were young or old, male or female, black or white or disabled or not. He loved them, and they loved him back.

“Thank you,” Bono called over the din, trying to be heard by the wild crowd, “and good night.” The amount of screaming and protesting that followed was unbearable. He had to leave, he had places to be. Walking out backstage, he pulled off his trademark blue sunglasses, and wiped his tired eyes. All this touring was getting to him. Luckily this was the last night, he would be able to go home... and relax before he was back in the studio, recording a new album. As he walked past the screaming fans, he signed a few notepads, had a few photos taken and hugged the odd stranger. This wasn’t anything different to what normally happens. He made his way toward the vehicle that would guide him to his final destination, his haven, his home. Climbing into the vehicle, he nodded to the driver, who knew where he was headed. As the car drove down the street, Bono stared out the window. He was starting to feel older than he really was. He had just barely hit 30, and already he felt around 48. When the car finally pulled up to his house, he stepped out, thanked the driver, gathered his things and walked inside, dumping his stuff in the closet, out of view. He walked up the stairs, checked on the kids, sleeping peacefully. He finally made his way over to his bedroom, and saw his wife sleeping peacefully. Bono got changed into his sleeping gear, and collapsed on the bed, making himself comfortable. The Mother Teresa of Abandoned Songs leant over and kissed his wife on the cheek, before falling into a deep sleep.


Serena suddenly awoke, the sunlight pouring into the room, highlighting the photo frames of Serena and her husband with their children that were standing on her desk. She smiled when she realised what day it was, their 8 year anniversary. Eight beautiful years that Serena had enjoyed immensely. Climbing out of bed, she noticed the untouched side of the bed her husband usually slept on. Her smile faded... where was he? Did he come home last night? She stared, her eyes starting to water. Did he not realise what day it was. Did he not love her? She walked around the house, calling out his name, trying to find him.

She couldn’t find him anywhere, he wasn’t in the bathroom, he wasn’t in the kitchen, the children hadn’t seen him and Serena was getting worried. He hadn’t missed an anniversary to this date, he’d always woken her up with a homecooked breakfast, and a quick peck and he and the children would bring in the present. But not today... where was he?!

Serena collapsed on the stairs, sobbing quietly to herself. She was afraid that everything was over...

That her husband had left her for good.


Oh, come on
Baby, baby, baby...light my way

Bono's voice belted out over the massive crowd. This place filled up pretty quick for a concert at such a late notice, but Bono loved the fans, and they loved him.


She awoke several hours later, still on the steps, her hair was ragged and the tears had dried to her cheeks. Her nose was bright red, and her sleeves were wet. She was at her worst. He husband wasn’t there for their eight year anniversary.

The door handle creaked, and the door slowly opened, and Serena's husband poked his head around. Serena grabbed the first thing she found, and chucked it in his direction. Luckily for him, she couldn't see for teary eyes. Why had he left, on their anniversary?! He was just a fucking prick! Dodging all the vases and glasses, he made his way over to Serena, while shouting, "Serena! I was out getting you the best present! I'm sorry that I didn't tell you... I wanted it to be a surprise!" Serena stopped throwing things, and started listening... Maybe he did love him?

"I, -sniffle- love you, Serena," he mumbled.

"I love you too... Bono," she replied, a smile growing across her face.

They embraced, and their lips met in a kiss that shook the world.

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