Being Right Isn't Everything

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Being Right Isn't Everything Empty Being Right Isn't Everything

Post by lyrical_mess on Sun 19 Oct 2008, 10:11 pm

Please be the one
to shove my pride
violently down my
egomaniacal throat,
pushing me to the
tempting border of
the insanity you so
clearly believe I embody.

Let me call you darling
once if for no other
reason than to erase
this painful, irritating
obscurity from every
furtive glance I case
upon your hiding smile.

Prove me wrong!
Hear me beg, oh
can't you see me
on my knees before you?

You'll never know
how I can devote myself,
forsaking all vanity and mirrors
to give you all my eyes' attention,
unless by some miracle
you catch my silence and
prove me wrong.

Make me feel right
and prove me
so wrong.
Red Scare

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