Taking Back My Heart.

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Taking Back My Heart.

Post by FUCT up on Tue 09 Sep 2008, 5:55 pm

You engage me in battles, but I refuse to fight
Hurting myself badly, even if only out of spite
Avoiding the bait, whilst jumping for the hook
I知 taking back my life that you took

A pulsating bird, bursting out the cage
My heart flew out, and you threw it away
Poisoned teeth tearing into my flesh
A lifeless body, limp at best

Shallow hearts and dance beats
I知 heading out to these city streets
Searching for something, but who knows what
I致e already become, something I知 not

Sliding over tongues, tripping over words
You & me and you & her, it痴 become a war of thirds
I知 a commander out on a mission
I壇 take my life, with your permission

... sorry if it sucks whatnow? O_O

checked. phanta.

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Re: Taking Back My Heart.

Post by anna may tronic. on Tue 09 Sep 2008, 6:02 pm

I really really like this. Really like it.
I think it has a great depth to it and it flows really well without sounding forced.
I also like the fact that it, in a sense, documents the rebirth of the girl.
Well done. I assure you it doesn't suck
anna may tronic.
anna may tronic.
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