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flailing with the flailing, inflatable tube man.
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cass. trevor. grub. mupps.
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Yeah. gtfo over yourself,

lol@chu So I'm generally just a random twenty year old muppet from NSW in Australia with a penchant for both music and profanities. Extra love if they're combined. Profile - quinn allman's hair. 939391

Favourite bands include The used, Metallica, Placebo, Rise against, The cranberries, Bullet for my valentine, Anti-flag, Pearl jam and Nine inch nails.

I'm also rather fond of making coffee. Russia. kapow!! coke and vanilla absolut. ZOMBIES. oriental noodles. cartoons. the beatles movies. terribly long guitar solos. short hair on women. sailor moon. kerrang. custom all stars. y fronts. ipods that don't break. photography. wiztards. goldfish in bowls. chilli. frankie magazine. guitarists in tight leather pants. salty air. kopiko. famous people's last words. watermelon. frozen raspberries. animals. black, grey and white. bejeweled. 80's power ballads. buttons and socks. Lords Of Dogtown. monster children. boys on skateboards. vegetarianism.

And not so fond of clowns. subway food. most birds.

Thankyou for wasting your highly valuable time on my pitiful profile. LMFAOOO
quinn allman's hair.
quinn allman's hair.

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