Waterfalls Run Best When Red.

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Waterfalls Run Best When Red. Empty Waterfalls Run Best When Red.

Post by LightningRod on Mon 02 Mar 2009, 10:26 pm

I’m Fading away.
(It Drips…)
As the night goes on…
I’m Slipping away
(It Flows…)
I finally open my eyes,
But I can’t see because,
I’m blinded by the bathroom’s White Light.
(It Pours…)
So as I lay here on my crimson-streaked floor,
watching my Final Sunrise, I ask myself…
“Why am I even here anymore?”
And decide to raise the blade for the final time…
Ribbons of blood ensnare my arms and my neck.
Now I don liquid, red wristbands with a choker to match.
Fading away on my crimson canvas, the painting is nearly complete…
A few more drops should do it…
(It Stops…)
Red Scare

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