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Tired Jenna is tired. ):

Well, I decided I'm going to Lane Tech, just so you Chicago kids know. Like... I feel like crap not accepting ChiArts, but I know I won't be able to handle a 10-12 hour school day. At least I'll know some people at Lane, but also, for you Chicago people,
this one girl that I really really really can't stand is going to be there, you should know who she is. :') Not IAR.

Also, Thai and I are rereading our shared fanfiction. You can guess what it's about after I post the excerpt. This line was, like... yeah. LOL@CHUUU Everything else I wrote was crap, haha, this was worth it. You should be able to get the point. Though, you can tell that I was NOT in the mood to write at this point, because I just felt so out of ideas, but I was still trying. So the vocabulary isn't the best. It's old. Last summer.

Kevin shrugged. "Whatever you say." He smiled as Nick and Miley walked back into the room they were currently occupying.

"I'll go wake the last one up," Roxi said, quickly avoiding the room. She climbed up the bunk ladder carefully, opening the curtain, revealing a still-sleeping Joe.

"Joe," Roxi said quietly.

No movement.


Still none.

She sighed. "Joseph Jonas, get your ass out of bed so you can go straighten and comb your sex hair. Shall it ever really be that."

That got him.

He turned to her, groggy. "What did you say about my sex hair? Remember, I've got a ring." He shoved his left hand in front of her, and she pushed it down.

"Go fix it."

He sighed. "Fiiine."

:')) Haha, I love Thai. (: We're so weird. I'm still trying to get her to join IAR. ):
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