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(c) Untitled. [nc-17]

Post by belle of the boulevard. on Sat 13 Sep 2008, 1:21 pm

ME. polly/automatic adrisole/pollyreynolds/tops0ffparty on lj.
Quinn Allman/Sean Smith.
Point of View:
Warnings and Notes:
Beach sex.
Review. written after long arse block.

The sand was warm against their hands, resting back on them, legs stretched out towards the softly curving waves. The beach appeared golden, the sea sparkling where the light of the rapidly falling Sun caught the foaming

The peroxide blonde boy’s head was resting on the shoulder of the older one, which probably made Quinn’s shoulder and therefore whole arm sore as anything, but he wouldn’t have mentioned it for the world. There was
very little conversation between the two- they were sharing a bus after all, being driven from show to show in the UK, so there was plenty of time for that. These stolen hours on a lonely beach were precious for the closeness of being together, Quinn and Sean, not Quinn, Sean and Bert’s psychosexy noises as
he banged Jepha into the walls every night.

Quinn had turned his head to nuzzle it into the soft blonde locks next to him. He also tried to wrap his arm round Sean, but his right arm slipped. The older boy lost his balance and fell back into the sand, while his
boyfriend turned to laugh at him.

"God, you’re a twat!”

Quinn pouted and, too lazy to get back up, motioned Sean to lay back with him. The younger boy did so, smiling into a tight cuddle initiated by Quinn. The guitarist held Sean to him, kissing the top of his head. Sean’s hand crept to the older boy’s chest where it stayed for a while, working underneath the soft black fabric on even smoother porcelain skin. Quinn made an odd, deep guttural noise deep in his throat when Sean caught a nipple,
which Sean laughed quietly at. After a minute or so of this, the older boy had really had enough of the teasing, and slipped his hands underneath Sean’s white tshirt to lift it over his head, where it flew out of Quinn’s grip and onto the sand somewhere, not that they cared at the moment.

Sean moved up Quinn’s lean body to plant a kiss on the older boy’s lips, when the guitarist held the younger one’s head to his with not a small amount of force to keep him there, kissing him with increasing fierceness as his hips started to dip towards Quinn’s.

This is wrong, they shouldn’t be kissing so deeply, so powerfully, both their tops should be on and Sean’s crotch should have no contact with Quinn’s. But somehow, that’s what’s so right, the grinding and constant feeling of utter need passing between the two like electricity only more powerful, more desperate. Groaning echoed across the cliffs surrounding the beach, ricocheting from the rocks and returning to them to eminate again from full lips attacking each others, the grinding of Sean’s hips now met with jerks from Quinn’s.

Dry humping through jeans on both parts had left them with, of course, a tented out front straining through the thick material, both men groaning with want. Sean shimmied out of his, those being the baggier of the two, and kicked them to another corner of the beach as he straddled Quinn to pull his down, trailing pale fingers along the skin covering the older one’s thighs. Those followed the other jeans to land on some sand (they sort of hoped, soaking wet salt ridden jeans might be a bit of a giveaway), but by this point, they were past caring where anything was other than each other and lips and skin and only caring that they were touching, feeling their way over each others’ bodies as if for the first time. Rediscovering expanses of smooth toned skin they’d missed in the rush to get off while cooped up in a small and rather smelly tour bus felt so good now, with sea air rushing around them, intoxicating and heady.

This is dangerous, anyone could walk by and see them all but having torrid sex on the beach, damnit, anyone could catch them and it could possibly lead to anything, but fuck, it feels so damn good. Quinn’s hands are creeping round to Sean’s lower back, rubbing at the toned skin, and further to his ass, holding it as Sean grinds, naked crotch creating that delicious friction against his aching, leaking cock.

Suddenly, everything seems to just stop. Sean’s crotch stays immobile above Quinn, shuddering underneath his boyfriend with passion and desperation for more, to be inside Sean, make him moan so loud they could probably hear them back at the tour bus, make him so utterly beautiful as he is at the height of an orgasm. Sean’s
almost quivering with need himself, but retains some mental capacity, to flip himself over until he’s underneath Quinn, panting as the guitarist supports himself to watch the younger one panting, back on the sand, golden grains stuck to smooth back. Fingers stroke fringe back into place where it’s rumpled, drinking in his face with his eyes.

And fuck, there it goes, first finger in, stretching Sean, but not to the point of pain, nowhere near. Quinn’s too afraid to hurt him even in the heights of rampant passion, so it’s a gentle filling, a little probing, and out. Then comes two fingers, still slow, a little more stretch though, the slightest hint of burn. They split and oh God, more stretch. The younger boy is so desperately horny he’d probably get off on this by now. Quinn’s fingers scissoring inside him is quite possibly the hottest thing he’s ever felt, especially with the danger involved, of having sex in a public place.

Three fingers burns a little more, more stretch, more filling, god, more everything.
Quinn’s panting above him thuds in his ears like a heartbeat, his moans probably waking everyone up by now, they feel so loud in the tranquil October air.

By the time Sean’s considered this, he’s completely empty and Quinn’s cock is poised at his entrance, rubbing around a little until Sean’s so filled with lust, he just needs Quinn now, inside him, touching him, anything. Finally, Quinn’s inside him, pushing slowly so he doesn’t rip, and it takes everything he’s got left not to take hold of those delicious hips, delicately curved, moving painfully slowly across the younger one’s body, and haul them towards him harder, pain be damned.


It’s the first time either have spoken since they started kissing, and Quinn takes it as a grateful excuse, leaning down to kiss Sean harder as he moves faster and their sweat slicked bodies scrape easily in a rhythm.

They’re both aching now, Sean’s back prickly from the sand and Quinn exhausted from moving, but still so goddamn aroused they both feel like they’ll get off any fucking second now.

Sean is first, whimpering as pearly shots coat himself and Quinn, and the convulsions of the younger one’s walls around Quinn spark his climax. The guitarist clenched onto Sean’s toned biceps as his vision clouded and he saw stars, still moving to ride them both out for all he was worth, grunting and moaning Sean’s name.

The worn out pair collapsed onto the sand, Sean nestling into Quinn’s side and throwing a careless arm across his boyfriend’s chest as well as a whispered “I love you”, returned by Quinn with a kiss on the forehead.

They could have laid there for hours for all they cared, but minutes had probably passed when Sean carefully extracted himself from the embrace and picked up his clothing. He walked back to Quinn- they’d chucked his
t shirt pretty damn far, all things considered- and dressed, trying his best to clear the sand off his back first, and washing what he could of his fluids in the sea water. Quinn was dozing peacefully when Sean gently washed the cum off his stomach and lifted him up to pull the tshirt over his head, at which he made a few small, sleepy noises of complaint.

Once they were both dressed, Sean nearly carried Quinn up the long ramp to the sea front, and then to the bus again. For all their time on the beach had seemed to last forever, hours had at the most. The Sun had set, and all the others were playing PS2 out the back. Quinn was first to collapse on the couch, and Sean content to nestle in his arms, and watch the others beat their bandmates at racing.

“Love you.”

“Love you more, babe,” murmured Sean.

“I let you win.”

checked. chester.
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Re: (c) Untitled. [nc-17]

Post by Havok. on Thu 25 Sep 2008, 3:34 am

Awesome word.

and this = yummyyyyy <<- me melting
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Re: (c) Untitled. [nc-17]

Post by SeanSmith on Thu 05 Feb 2009, 5:56 am

Oh my god!

This was absolutly amazing.
I blushed a bit. And it takes a lot for me to blush.
I love Sean and Quinn, and have never thought of them as a pairing, but this was a real wake up call. It was so hot.

You write sex very very well. lol@chu
Just fucking fabulous.

Sean is first, whimpering as pearly shots coat himself and Quinn, and the convulsions of the younger one’s walls around Quinn spark his climax. The guitarist clenched onto Sean’s toned biceps as his vision clouded and he saw stars, still moving to ride them both out for all he was worth, grunting and moaning Sean’s name.

That was a phenominal bit of writing.
The whole story was, the description and imagery were just fantastic. I could really see it all. Which was just extra sexy
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Re: (c) Untitled. [nc-17]

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