Take Me Away From Here I'm Dying

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Take Me Away From Here I'm Dying Empty Take Me Away From Here I'm Dying

Post by death till we part on Sat 06 Jun 2009, 7:38 pm

Choking on her identity
She puts her head on her knees
The others don't know
They can't see
They can't see what is there
In front of their eyes
They don't see at all
The world goes on around her
The brutal shove
Of the unknown fiends
They have left her
She is alone
The panic creeps in
Out of control
Terrified in solitude
But more comfortable
Than with company
She suffers in her silent self
No one sees
No ones cares
No one seeks for her
In the dark, eternal crevice
The fire burns brightly
Almost calming to her now
Unbeknownst to the others
A glimmer of hope arises
But unrequited
Has hope for none.
She has died every day
Her funeral
Was forgotten.
death till we part
death till we part
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