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Corey's. Empty Corey's.

Post by tea-boy. on Fri 24 Jul 2009, 7:47 pm

She said, ďThereís a big difference between be and believe.
I donít know what is to you, but itís nothing to me.
And we all share the same fate separately,
But no one can figure out who to be or who to believe.Ē

And so I walk these empty fucking corridors,
And I just keep thinking more and more,
About the blue sky outside and why itís so hard to see,
And why the blackbird is so kind to me.

All these faces blur like a rainy day,
Or a too loud party with living decay.
I watch and watch but I canít see,
Iím not sure who to be or who to believe,
Or what exactly to perceive,
My brain is slow, but quick to release.

I watch a little girl skipping now,
And I could swear I heard her avow:
ďI watched him play with everyone but me,
And Iím the one whoís insane you see.Ē

And it all just keeps building up,
Like a graveyard diary in a Dixie cup.
I see stained colors through a kaleidoscope,
Everyoneís trying to cope and hope,
And I guess Iím just trying to pass the days,
Failing to lift what each thought ways.
Satisfaction is hard to achieve,
When no one can figure out who to be or who to believe.


A/N: Kind of a song. Completely different style than I normally use, so tell me if it's not good.

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Corey's. Empty Re: Corey's.

Post by Jack Skellington on Fri 24 Jul 2009, 8:01 pm

omg. Meg.
I now know why you're one of my favorite authors. It was epic. Seriously.

I don't even know. nawwww
Jack Skellington
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