last night's show (:

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last night's show (: Empty last night's show (:

Post by frayed ends on Thu 20 Aug 2009, 11:04 pm

i had the best time ever.
there was a small show last night, all ages sort of thing.
and it was free :D hahaha.
first time moshing last night

there was a band that is from a town nearby, named neverdie
and i was talking to two of them outside in the parking lot.
got a free demo CD and later one of them got me a shit load of stickers XD
during the last band i was standing next to their guitarist and we were just like "yeah ! HOLY SHIT, MAAAAAN " haha
when it was time to leave i gave them a hug and one of them pretty much killed me D:
i was like "..can't... breathe."

anyway, here are some photos of the bands


last night's show (: 5932_248247915433_653395433_8593958_6304981_n

last night's show (: 5932_248558350433_653395433_8599776_5252554_n

last night's show (: 5932_248247885433_653395433_8593953_863407_n


last night's show (: 5932_248589385433_653395433_8600836_2720361_n

last night's show (: 5932_248589395433_653395433_8600838_6018362_n

last night's show (: 5932_248589415433_653395433_8600841_3002248_n

last night's show (: 5932_248589430433_653395433_8600842_616404_n

last night's show (: 5932_248589455433_653395433_8600846_3173182_n

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