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Post by Who we are. on Wed 12 May 2010, 6:20 pm

I'm sitting here thinking What Would Richard Do and I seriously can't even come up with anything.
When I stopped seeing him I guess I "coped" by sort of having conversations with him in my head, even when I did get to talk to him I did this. But now I can't even remember what he sounds like.
I know what he looks like only from a photograph. Every now and then I'll forget, freak out, and search for my old year book and a school newsletter that he was in that I kept.
I know that this was going to happen, it started not long after I left.
But I can always imagine something that he would say, or hear him saying things that I know he wouldn't say but wish he would in my head. I miss that.
It's okay that I sometimes forget his face, I can look at a photograph, but I don't happen to have a recording of his voice anywhere.
I love his voice.
It's so soft and smooth and full of inspiring words that can do anything.
At least I remember it like that.
I can't wait until the day I can go from saying "I love him" to "I loved him" but I don't want that day to come either.
He represents so much, and is present is so many of my closest memories.
I know I need to get over this, I've been saying that for years now, but it's hard to get over it when you don't want to.
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Who we are.
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