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Hate Empty Hate

Post by tea-boy. on Sun 23 May 2010, 12:26 am

Riddle me this: How is it any different? From era to era since the beginning of time. How is the water hose blowing people down the street different from the screams of faggot as an innocent person is beat half to death different from the Holocaust different from the Armenian genocide different from any of it ever. Different people, different years, different stories. But all the same. Whether it's one or tens or thousands. It all stems from the most ancient form of hate. Almost every day I see it rear its head in some form or another. I see the pure, raw unadulterated hate driven from the fear of difference. And I have to ask: Where does it end? Will it ever? Sometimes the hate outweighs everything and I can't do anything but cry. My faith in the goodness of humanity dwindles so, but I hang on for the good. Sometimes I don't know why or how, only that I have to. I have to.

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