But Kisses Aren't Contracts!

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But Kisses Aren't Contracts! Empty But Kisses Aren't Contracts!

Post by the way on Fri 26 Sep 2008, 5:09 pm

my audience, first and foremost, this is not what i'd rather be doing;
trapped in this damnable moment of osculation foreboding.

i do not want to think about what may be right to say,
to fill up this empty page so pointlessly anyway.

i do not want to write that which are just impossible to put into words,
to describe things that are always better felt than read or heard.

i do not want to see in my mind's eye someone getting close, too close,
tempting me to draw nearer and stand on the tip of my toes.

a mischievous twinkle basking in the light of something sweet-as-sin,
a humming, hidden chuckle behind a devilish, suggestive grin.

i do not want to remember the texture and heat of an eager mouth,
the rush dancing on pulsing skin as unstoppable hands go farther south.

memory is far too great a tormentor with glimpses of my erratically beating heart,
ever so revealing even as two souls that melded slowly have to come apart.

i do not want to have to be satisfied with the mere thought of those lips;
baby, won't you drop by later because i'm craving for a freakin' kiss.
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the way
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But Kisses Aren't Contracts! Empty Re: But Kisses Aren't Contracts!

Post by faultlines on Wed 01 Oct 2008, 5:45 pm

i love this, isa.
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