So, another rant

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So, another rant

Post by Jack Skellington on Sat 07 Mar 2009, 9:44 am

about my friends. >.<

So like, all my friends are all OHERMGEEZUZSLUMDOGMILLIONAIREISTHEBESTMOVIEEVER and I'm like ._. I already knew this. This is no shock.
And my one friend is like I LOVE DEV PATEL MORE THAN ANYONE EVER and I'm like "everyone fucking loves Dev Patel because he's a) amazing and b) amazing."

And all my friends are now I LOVE MIA and I LEARNED THE DANCE TO JAI HO and whatnot and I'm like .__. because I already knew about MIA before Slumdog (via Vice Magazine) and who wants to learn a 7 minute dance at the end of a movie?

It's annoying. I saw the movie before it got nominated for a billion Academy Awards and before it got national recognition. Basically, a month and a half ago.

It just bothers me that all the kids I know are such posers.
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