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(c) Electricity. (PG13)

Post by zero on Fri 05 Dec 2008, 4:00 pm

Ryden drabble. 563 words.
Enjoy. you have pleased him


The world folded around Brendon faster and faster. Almost suffocating him. He felt like there was not enough room for even just breathing.

The world was starting to fade away. Brendon’s world was starting to fade away. He didn’t think he would be able to find his way back home. He didn’t think he could ever have a home without Ryan.

Brendon would find himself asking why people – no, angels like Ryan had to be tortured. Why Ryan had to be caught up in the car accident while other people didn’t. Why he couldn’t have taken Ryan’s place in the disastrous incident so Ryan didn’t have to lay there like he was dead.

Brendon felt alone without Ryan. And without Ryan, Brendon felt fragile. He felt like a box of his mother’s china being carried around by little baby boys. Cracking and just about ready to break.

He never left Ryan’s hospital room. Whenever he had to piss, there was a door conveniently placed behind him. He never ate the whole time. The gnawing pain of hunger was replaced with the feeling like Brendon had swallowed a big, red balloon.

The boy could hear Ryan’s shallow, dying breaths. It made him sick.

All the blood had flushed from his face. His lips chapped dry because the only time they would open was when he would utter loving words to his unconscious boyfriend.

“If you don’t wake up, I’m going to have to sell the house we bought. No point in living in it alone, right?”

Ryan never answered. Brendon gripped his cold, limp hand tighter. His heart broke when he didn’t grip back.

“And you know how I am when money’s wasted.”

Then no sound was made. Just the beeping of the machines that surrounded and kept Ryan alive.

“It’s been weeks since you’ve written a song – no, wait. You know what? I bet you’re writing one in your mind right now.”

Brendon was talking to Ryan and when he didn’t answer it drove Brendon crazy.

The boy’s heart wasn’t even supposed to beat anymore.

“You know, some people told me it was a sin,” he said. He ran his thump slowly across Ryan’s palm lovingly. He bit the inside of his lip. “To keep people alive by the use of machines, I mean.”

But nobody can ever really stay in hospitals for too long. Not even if the love of their life was practically lying there on their death bed.

Brendon got sick of the pale colored walls. He got sick of the fake smiles the nurses sent him and the frequent smell of blood. And most of all, he got sick of staring his immobile boyfriend.

He took the elevator instead of the stairs. He didn’t want to make his head spin and make himself get into an accident himself – but at the time, it didn’t seem like a bad idea.

Brendon leaned next to the elevator buttons and closed his eyes and listened to the monotone hum of the machine. The lights started to flicker. He opened his eyes in annoyance.

The elevator jerked to a stop and made Brendon drop to his knees. He heard the power whine as it got suddenly turned off.

The electricity had gone out.

And slowly, tears pricked the boy’s eyes. Brendon started to cry.

Electricity was the only thing that was keeping Ryan alive.


Thanks for reading. you have pleased him

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