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The Dream Scenes Empty The Dream Scenes

Post by guilded sleuth on Wed 12 Nov 2008, 8:17 pm

This was actually a drama assignment but I thought it would be worth posting.
These are the dream scenes one, two and three.


Rolling gently, tumbling and swirling
To the rhythm from deep below
Beloved mother, is a-twirling
In a form, to you unknown

In her veins is blood of selki
Ancient creature, rarely revealed
Could be described no less than sneaky
When wrapped in skin, is turned to seal

No harm was done, no murder occurred
Your instincts correct, you understand
You motherís safe and undeterred
She rests now in the oceanís hands

This blood of selki, little heard of
Lives not like humans, proud and free
For no chains of steel, nor chains of love
Can keep a selki from the sea

Selkiís in your blood


One thousand years of responsibility
A mystical capability
Throughout the ages, one conclusion
No time for disillusion

A selki has nought but one home
Life at sea or life alone
No company on this dry land
Will surpass life beyond the sand

The time will come when you must leave
The things you always have believed
To return one last time
To the depths of the oceanís chime

Come, come home
Come, come to the sea
The sea calls you home
The sea calls its seal


Grandma: The time is now

Sam: The time? But how?

Grandma: You have no say!

Sam: For I would say ďnayĒ

Grandma: This day is your last

Sam: So soon and itís past!

Grandma: You will comply

Sam: Iím without reply

Grandma: The choice is ours
The move is yours

Sam: In 24 hours
Itís off to the shores?

Grandma: You will unite
With your true kind

Sam: What is this plight,
Left undefined?

Grandma: It is your fate
You have no escape

Sam: Should I run from this hate,
Or should I reshape?

Grandma: If you reject
This call of yours...

Sam: I do not object!
Tell no more!

Grandma: An outcast, betrayer
And cursed youíll be

Sam: Which would be harsher?
To stay or to be?

Grandma: This is your destiny!

Sam: The sea is calling me...

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