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Today. Empty Today.

Post by tea-boy. on Sun 05 Apr 2009, 9:14 am

Another little bird fell today.
Past the telephone wires and low-hung fog.
Itís beautiful plumage fading to gray.

Another set of eyes met today.
Everything meant nothing,
And the sparks flew away.

Another wind blew today.
The irisí of your eyes a delicate grey.
I couldnít stand to see you cry.
So I kissed your forehead and flew away.

Another rain fell today.
Our dampened feathers are days away.
Standing under sycamore trees,
Iíll kiss your lips if you say youíll stay.

I mended your wings and you broke my heart.
Today. Today. Today.

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Today. Empty Re: Today.

Post by Isis on Tue 21 Apr 2009, 10:34 am

Holy. Fuck. Beautiful. NOT COOL nawwww

I think this is one of my favorites by you, if not my favorite. NOT COOL

Bloody brilliant, I tell you. The imagery, the metaphor, it's all so beautiful. I really love it. nawwww

It's very sad, though. naww, diddums.
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